How To Kill Termites

Exterminate Termites With Boric Acid
flying termites In eradicate termites, we can also use boric acid. Boric acid is a substance that is highly effective in controlling the population of termites in our property. You only need spraying a solution of boric acid or feeding them to the place where termites make way and nests. They will take the bait and help you to eradicate termites.

Get rid of Wood Mulch To Eliminate Termites
Do you know the wood mulch? Try to open Wikipedia to learn what wood mulch. But certainly, termites are very interested in the wood mulch because it is the biggest attractor for termites. When you see the wood mulch around the house, then mulch is often a major contributor cause of the arrival of termites. When you see it, move as far away from your home. This way, you keep the possibility of termites to your home.


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